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Freight Turnover Is Growing at Dostyk Station

Freight turnover at Dostyk increased by more than 30%.  JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" compared the first weeks of the new year and the same period of the past. 

During the 24 days of January turnover at Dostyk was 1,185,306 tons.  791,758 tons of those were exported from Kazakhstan to China and imported 393,548 tons. During the same period last year turnover at Dostyk was 902,577 tons. Of that 557,508 tons were sent for export.  The comparison showed that turnover increased by 282,729 tons, or 31.3%. 

At the second railway crossing between Kazakhstan and China which was opened in December of the last year, for 24 days in January freight turnover was 17,164 tons.